EconoVue Newsletter July 2022

Please enjoy our July newsletter! This month, we weigh in on the Trade Adjustment Assistance Act (TAA). This Federal entitlement program provides various services and supports to U.S. workers who may lose their jobs or be impacted in the near future because of foreign trade. TAA has been an integral part of foreign trade acts since 1962 and has been amended numerous times over its 60-year life. That is until June 30, 2022. On that day, the program was allowed to sunset. The program will no longer consider new petitions by affected workers for services. That’s a big deal. Almost 5 million workers have been certified for services throughout this program.

TAA is a great program that requires immediate reauthorization. However, with all things involving bipartisan agreements, there is uncertainty about when the reauthorization will happen, given other congressional priorities and the upcoming mid-term elections. WDBs must now rely on existing programs to support impacted workers.