Workforce Development

Find the struggling businesses 
                  in your region before
      they find you because
                 of layoffs or a WARN Notice

Turn on the powerful data visualization tools in EconoVue™ to paint a high-level picture of regional economic and industry trends – and take an up-close look at employment, salaries and Financial Health scores over time. Customizable filters refine your data results and quickly pinpoint companies for strategic workforce engagement.

EconoVue™ was developed collaboratively with Workforce Development Boards and continues to evolve using direct feedback from active WDB subscribers across the country. The examples listed here describe many ways that workforce teams have utilized EconoVue™ to streamline and strengthen their Rapid Response coordination, Proactive Targeted Outreach and Strategic Planning and Partnering with local business, education and government groups.

High Quality Current Business Data: The power of EconoVue™ comes from viewing sector and labor market trends relative to current "raw" business-level information. EconoVue™ is designed to work with the Dun & Bradstreet® business database, a gold standard database for economic analysis and detailed company information.

Labor Market Data: EconoVue's business data are supplemented by labor market resources including:

Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (BLS)

National Establishment Time Series (NETS)

Informed Rapid Response Proactive Targeted Outreach Strategic Planning and Partnering

INFORMED RAPID RESPONSE - React quickly to the next economic crisis in your region with the robust response tools in EconoVue™

Put together a fast, effective response to WARN notices with unique search and filter functions in EconoVue™ – start with a Similar Company Search to easily pinpoint alternative companies to invite to a Job Fair, pair your results with the integrated information to pinpoint only the companies that are hiring, then follow up with powerful filters tied to D&B Financial Health scores to ensure that you’re sending job seekers to stable, growing employers. For a multi-region layoff event, use the built-in Corporate Linkage Map to identify impacted areas and coordinate with your workforce counterparts throughout the state.

When facing a larger, industry-wide downturn or recession, the powerful one-two punch of a NAICS cluster search combined with a Financial Health filter targeting contracting businesses will lead you right to the doorstep of companies that may be especially vulnerable to sudden economic stressors. The contact details in your search results will help you quickly reach a wide swath of companies with similar needs.

For grants or emergency loan programs, your team can assess the strengths, weaknesses and overall fit of each applicant using the detailed D&B Comprehensive Reports available within EconoVue™. Each report is pulled live from the D&B database giving you the most up-to-date information available.

And, in the event of a natural disaster, the proprietary Disaster Zone module in EconoVue™ includes filters and mapping functions to help you quickly identify affected companies, manage an ongoing response, and track changes in the local economy over time.

Informed Rapid Response Proactive Targeted Outreach Strategic Planning and Partnering

PROACTIVE TARGETED OUTREACH - When the economy is thriving, turn to EconoVue™ to strengthen your relationships with businesses of every size and in every neighborhood with finely tuned targeted outreach.

Take aim at the under-the-radar small companies that may benefit from your programs the most – the unique data platform built into EconoVue™ gives you access to high-level business details about companies with 1-10 employees not found in most other data sources. Or organize larger outreach efforts aimed at key economic sectors with a nuanced NAICS cluster search, increasing your contacts within up-and-coming business groups and expanding your roster of companies and connections for job fairs, events and advisory groups.

EconoVue™ is the go-to source for the data and details you need to build a positive and proactive business engagement platform. Tailor your calling and mailing lists to match your program goals with customizable filters and direct contact information: quickly identify growing, stable manufacturers for a new apprenticeship program; find cohorts for an upcoming training program; or easily track down companies that are spending to grow and pair them with the latest grant for new equipment. The possibilities are endless!

The strategic outreach support built into EconoVue™ helps you to zero in on the companies that need your help the most – before their situation becomes critical. Utilize the EconoVue™ Financial Health filters to quickly identify at-risk employers so you can proactively provide needed services. When you pair these data results with your local knowledge to provide on-time support, you will build your reputation as a key resource for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Informed Rapid Response Proactive Targeted Outreach Strategic Planning and Partnering

STRATEGIC PLANNING AND PARTNERING - Springboard your community leadership with reliable data that points you in the right direction.

Build a strong foundation by observing and understanding the industry sector trends in your region – and learning how these trends compare to the regions around you. Two key EconoVue™ apps – OverVue™ and RegionVue™ – start with a bird’s eye view of the growth dynamics of every sector within your search area, then help you to dive deep into the data:

  • Turn to OverVue™ to track the Financial Health of industry sectors over time, discover underlying stressors in key sectors and anticipate shifts in the local, regional and statewide economies. Dynamic, interconnected, interactive graphs show how your county or workforce area connects to the bigger picture within your state.

  • Use RegionVue™ to pinpoint key occupations in emerging sectors and determine sector-wide hiring trends and training needs. Salary data and education zone identifiers allow you to easily identify occupations with higher salaries and lower barriers to entry. Take these insights to your next meeting with your Board’s education partners to predict high-growth workforce opportunities and plan for classroom learning, apprenticeship programs and on-the-job training.

Then turn to ProspectVue™ to put your newfound knowledge to work:

  • Use Financial Health filters to identify the strong, growing companies within key emerging sectors – and bring them on as partners to build apprenticeship programs for high school and community colleges and to develop curricula for certification and work-based learning programs.

  • Bring together growing companies within sector groups for training cohorts and advisory groups with the Corporate Linkage Map.

  • Broaden your existing network beyond the Chamber of Commerce with the powerful search and filtering tools built into ProspectVue™. Build a contact list containing the top-level, thriving companies within each sector to join your Board as you track and solve employment needs, allocate resources and build your reputation as a leading voice in the community.

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