EconoVue™ is a patented platform designed for policy makers and "front-line" staff, such as Economic Development professionals, Workforce Development professionals and City Planners, who assist the people and businesses that make a local economy strong. It is a subscription cloud-based service consisting of 3 integrated apps:



EconoVue Platform

Select any County, Workforce Investment Area or City and visualize time series datasets via animated/interactive Bubble Charts, Column Charts, Timelines and Employment Loss/Gain graphs. Interactive charts which combine statistics (like Location Quotient) with animation instantly reveal emerging sectors with a regional specialization. Drill down on any industry sector to view sub-sectors at 3, 4 and 6 Digit NAICS levels, current company listings, associated occupations, training and job listings. Time series datasets include employment counts, QCEW wages and occupations by sector. All data can be exported.

One-button reports to visualize emerging industry sectors exhibiting a regional specialization. Drill down on any sector to retrieve employers, occupations and job listings.

View industry sector trends across a map of the region, drill down to census tract, produce exportable business and job listings for any selected geography.

Use a variety of filters to do very targeted research in a region.  Drill down on any employer to retrieve company details and email/phone contacts. Customer Relation Management (CRM) tools provide the ability to edit contacts/companies, assign filters and share comments among a group. Export to MailChimp for email campaigns.


Layoff Aversion Module: An optional patent pending module within ProspectVue™ enables filtering via the financial stress of a company to facilitate rapid response employer outreach campaigns before a company lays off workers.

Visualize regional industry trends

Interactive business trend mapping

Business research and outreach

High Quality Current Business Data: The power of EconoVue™ comes from viewing sector and labor market trends relative to current "raw" business-level information. EconoVue™ is designed to work with the Dun & Bradstreet® business database, a gold standard database for economic analysis and detailed company information. Please be sure to read Dun & Bradstreet's white-paper on using data and analytics for workforce.


Labor Market Data: EconoVue's business data are supplemented by labor market resources including:

Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (BLS)

National Establishment Time Series (NETS)


RegionVue: Visualize Regional Industry Trends

Explore all regions spatially via a dynamically linked and integrated mapping app. For any census geography, retrieve dynamic industry trend reports, 3D business listings (height denotes size of company) and current job listings. All data can be printed and exported.

LocalVue: Interactive Business Trend Mapping

Use geographic, financial and sector filters for highly refined targeted  map-based research to find companies and then use detailed D&B reports to gain a rich understanding of them.  A patent pending "Layoff Aversion Module" geared toward Rapid Response facilitates filtering by financial health. After saving business targets to a group-owned outreach database, groups share access to business prospects and can edit, import and export contacts directly into the MailChimp email campaign service. A map-based calendar enables appointment scheduling with an eye to travel coordination.

ProspectVue: Business Research and Outreach

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