How EconoVue™ Can Improve Your Process

EconoVue™ provides unique access to premier employer, industry and workforce data – at users’ fingertips so they can ask and answer with the click of the mouse. EconoVue users have a breadth and depth of data, agility and insight that provides a clearer picture of the past and present, for a more reliable window into the future.

Economies are built on the workforce (the people), the employers (the businesses), and location (the “where”). Government agencies, departments, consultants, and analysts are challenged daily to analyze the past, define the present, and predict the future.

Where will jobs be? Which companies will fail, and who will succeed? How to help struggling businesses and support those who are growing? What industries are rising and falling? When will those changes occur? Where is our workforce today, and where will it be needed tomorrow? How do we plan for future labor needs and the transportation infrastructure to meet them?

OverVue™: A High-Level Dashboard

  • Comparative employer and workforce location distribution across multiple regions and subregions
  • Employment segmentation and concentration by industry
  • Rising and falling industry segments for employment across time
  • High-risk industries and businesses for intervention strategy
  • Growth industries for engagement and collaboration opportunities

A Targeted Business Outreach Tool

  • Our data visualization platform allows users to interact with the underlying database to retrieve highly targeted business data lists based on multi-variate search criteria such as industry, size and at-risk factors such as Business Failure Risk or Growth / Contraction indicators.
  • The EconoVue Business Disruption Search uses D&B predictive data and COVID-19 industry classifications to identify multi-dimensional views, such as:
    • Changes in businesses or business health (per city, county or region)
    • SBA PPP Loan recipients
    • Active Disaster Zones, including businesses and predictive elements to identify and gauge business health or resilience.
    • WARN Notice Search – identifying prior and current WARN notices to strengthen Layoff Aversion strategies.

RegionVue™: Interactive Regional Sector and Occupational Analytics

  • One-button time series reports across industry sectors (2 – 6 digit NAICS)
  • Visualization and analysis by Workforce Investment Area or County
  • Priority Sector Analysis by number of companies, jobs and wages
  • Time-series based “Location Quotient” data
  • Visual inputs including column and bubble charts, and employment loss/gain graphs

LocalVue™: Interactive
Local Industry Sector Analytics.

  • Industry sector and geography (zip code, city, county, MPO and census tract)
  • Dynamically generates reports for any selected region or radius around a point
  • Time-series sector trends, business lists and live job listings
  • Reports and maps available and easily exported as Excel files or PDFs

High Quality Current Business Data

The unique power of EconoVue™ is our ability to create, view, analyze, and present sector and labor market data and trends driven by “raw” business and employer information at the site level. For our business data EconoVue partners with Dun & Bradstreet®, the established leader in business decisioning data and analytical insights.

Labor Market Data

EconoVue’s business are supplemented by labor market resources, including:

  • QCEW historical salary time-series data, mapped to:
    • NAICS Code
    • County
    • Workforce Development Area
  • Occupational Data
  • Live Job Posting Data
  • Career One Stop Job Training Opportunity Data

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