Workforce Development Solutions

EconoVue enables workforce development professionals with targeted business outreach for layoff aversion, early intervention, rapid response, employer assistance, and WARN notice responsiveness.

  • Workforce development boards must deliver measurable impact and program innovation. Successful teams leverage targeted outreach with business health and employment dynamics.

    Powered by Dun & Bradstreet and labor market data, EconoVue blends data visualization, interactive mapping, and geo-based analysis to deliver forward-looking intelligence.

    Key insights include employer health and risk, industry and location-specific employment and business trends. Who are high risk for closure or layoff? Who are growing or hiring?

    EconoVue data, insights and analysis platform unlocks a perspective on the employer universe enabling a data-driven outreach and engagement for better program success.

Economic Development Solutions

EconoVue improves and accelerates business retention, business attraction and business expansion.

  • Economic development organizations need predictive business and industry health data to anticipate business change over the horizon.

    With D&B’s national and local database, EconoVue blends data visualization, interactive mapping, filtering, and geo-based analysis to target the right businesses.

    Business Attraction. Bringing in new employers creates jobs and expands the local revenue base. There are more than 17 million active business locations in the U.S.

    EconoVue enables you to target business prospects by size, industry, financial health, geography, refine and extract a short list of prospect businesses for pursuit.

    Business Retention. Protecting and supporting existing businesses is essential to economic stability. Agencies offer grants, microloans, training, and networking.

    EconoVue visualizes demographic, industry, business health and risk segments to engage with businesses for support, growth, assistance and collaboration.

    Business Expansion. Providing resources, education and funding opportunities such as grants or microloans to local enterprises is key to expansion and growth.

    EconoVue’s partnership with Dun & Bradstreet enables you to target segments of business community by size, industry, and business health to determine program eligibility.

Transportation Planning Solutions

EconoVue empowers transportation planning with real-time business, industry, location and employment data in a dynamic dashboard for predictive analysis.

  • Traditional planners include business and employment models, updated every five years, to predict workforce concentrations in 30 years, but often rely on incomplete and outdated data.

    EconoVue provides a better vue into employer and workforce data in their communities with site-specific business data – address, industry codes, and on-site employment totals.

    Interactive dashboard enables visualization by transportation geo boundaries, including statewide regional districts, counties, MPOs, ZIPs and census tracts.

    Current snapshot of business and workforce data, allows time-series trend analysis to display changes in volume and location of workforce concentrations over time.

    Long-term trending data enables future development forecasting, while quarterly reviews enable refinement due to acute events with lasting change impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will EconoVue™ improve my process?

Better insight drives better decisions. EconoVue™ users rely on complete, timely and accurate information on businesses, employment and industry information. EconoVue™ delivers the best commercially available business information, augmented by additional data, through an agile, intuitive platform designed specifically for its intended users. Simply put: we built a great information and research platform for your specific needs and we loaded it with the best available data for your specific needs. Having more and better data at your fingertips, in an intuitive platform that lets you ask, change and re-ask questions of the data makes you more informed, more focused and more effective in your programmatic efforts.

What data does EconoVue™ provide?

EconoVue™ provides a data reservoir that is deep and wide. Through our partnership with Dun & Bradstreet, EconoVue™ provides site level information on over 17 million U.S. business locations, including standard identity and demographic information around size, location and operations. EconoVue™ also provides specialty business data including business health and change dynamics data, executive contact details, custom geo-data, jobs, labor and occupation data, and time-series trend data in key dimensions. For a more detailed list of all available data, please contact us directly for more info.

What does EconoVue™ cost?

Great question, and we like how you’re thinking! EconoVue™ costs more than a loaf of bread but less than an airplane. EconoVue™ can be licensed according to geo or economic footprint, as tight as a city or local planning region, or as broadly as an entire state. The scope of geo coverage, data and user distribution all influence costs, so we really can’t answer that here. However, that’s a conversation we’d love to have so please contact us directly for more info.

Who uses EconoVue™?

Anyone needing better insight and analytical intelligence around their economy, businesses, industries and employment data benefits from EconoVue™. Our primary users are government agencies whose primary mission involves business engagement: Workforce Development, Economic Development, Transportation Planners and Disaster Planning/Emergency Response agencies. Consultants, non-profits, educational institutions and economic researchers also use the data available in EconoVue™.

How can I set up a live demo?

Click here, share a bit of information with us, and someone from our team will contact you to arrange a demonstration of EconoVue™.

What makes EconoVue™ unique?

EconoVue™’s uniqueness lies in three interconnected factors: 1. EconoVue™ provides access to a comprehensive multi-source business database available nowhere else. 2. The EconoVue™ platform is “designed with intent”: built for the specific needs of specific users with specific public-sector agency responsibilities. 3. EconoVue™ is agile. Data without utility is just a massive spreadsheet. EconoVue™ brings data utility to users’ fingers instantly, intuitively guiding users’ questions and delivering answers.

What are some key features of EconoVue™?

EconoVue™ is modular, yet complete: Purposefully designed with multiple focused apps to allow diverse research with variable granularity, EconoVue™ delivers full access to all apps with each subscription – there are no “add-on” components with “add-on” costs. When you’re in EconoVue™, you’re all in.

OverVue™ provides a wide lens: This interactive dashboard enables quick and agile manipulation of major data points (geo, industry, key sectors and business health) to display snapshot analyses based on user criteria, and to then manipulate those variables to track changes over time and make data-driven projections . Dynamic, interconnected, interactive graphs show how local counties or workforce areas connect to the bigger picture within your state.

RegionVue™ ties occupation and jobs data to time-series D&B employer data aggregated by industry sector and geography: Animated bubble charts and graphs let users quickly assess key occupations in emerging sectors, track sector-wide hiring trends and training needs, and evaluate salary and education zone data. Identifying occupations with higher salaries and lower barriers to entry reveals factors, which may affect hiring, workforce location, economic development opportunity and commuter traffic demands.

ProspectVue™ is integrated with both OverVue™ and RegionVue™ and allows users to go deep and specific into their targeted research. ProspectVue™ allows users to dynamically adjust their research criteria using all of EconoVue™’s data variables of core and specialty data, to generate very precisely focused outputs, including predictive indicators of future risk, stability, growth or contraction. Map-based, ProspectVue™ graphically displays location and concentration of businesses and employment based upon users’ live queries. When your use case and data needs demand a very specific targeted business or type, ProspectVue™ can drive down to a single business, and provides live access to expanded research reports from EconoVue™ and Dun & Bradstreet.

LocalVue™ is a visual business mapping analytics tool which spatially displays employer and employment industry trends by multiple geographic boundaries). It dynamically generates current and time-series sector trend reports for any selected region. Data are portrayed in an interactive thematic mapping GUI for visual comparison of business and employment data among regions.

Does EconoVue™ have jobs data?

Yes! EconoVue™’s business data are supplemented by labor market resources including: the BLS Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, providing a time series of salary information tied to NAICS, geography and D&B aggregated employment information. provides dynamic information about Training Providers in any location and provides up-to-date job listings for any selected business, occupation and region.

How accurate is EconoVue's data?

At EconoVue™, data drives our own decisions as well. We conduct regular data quality checks, as well as external research and comparative analyses to ensure we are providing the most complete and accurate data we can. We chose Dun & Bradstreet as our business data partner because of their own high standards of data accuracy, completeness and maintenance. We’re equally selective in our other data sources and feeds, public or private. For a more detailed discussion on data quality, please contact us directly.

How does a subscription work?

EconoVue™ access is provided on annual or multi-year subscription for platform and data use. Individual user access is browser-based via ID and password.

How current is EconoVue’s data?

EconoVue™ collects and provides data from multiple sources. Our core database of comprehensive and detailed business site data is refreshed each quarter with an updated feed from Dun & Bradstreet. Additional data components are updated on varying schedules, including weekly, bi-weekly and monthly, to provide an intelligence resource that is dynamic and current, allowing our users to see their economic and business communities as they change.

What training and support do users get?

Right behind the EconoVue™ platform itself, our Customer Education Team delivers outstanding service to users. New Customers receive dedicated onboarding training sessions just for their users and additional follow-up group or 1:1 training is available for new users (or users wanting a refresher). We deliver an ongoing curriculum of regularly scheduled live training and knowledge sessions for users several times each month, augmented with specialized sessions around new product enhancements, new data additions, as well as user-driven best practice and use-case sharing sessions facilitated by our Customer Education Team.

Can I export data from EconoVue™?

Definitely! EconoVue™ is designed to help users “thin the haystack”: Using our vast array of data options, selectors and filters to query and refine their search efforts to identify a very precisely targeted set of businesses. Each of the apps in EconoVue™ lets users export those outputs into Excel files for further use, analysis or integration with users’ internal datasets.

Does EconoVue™ integrate with other platforms?

EconoVue™ does not have any integrated “connectors” to other platforms. However, EconoVue™’s data export feature allows users to extract their refined lists of businesses, and that data can then be imported into other applications such as specialized mapping platforms, modeling applications or CRM systems.

Which EconoVue™ app is best for my project?

EconoVue™ is provided as a comprehensive platform, with all apps (interactive analysis dashboards, business and industry research apps and jobs & employment data) provided to all users. “Which app” depends on your particular project and data needs of the day. Like changing lenses on a microscope, EconoVue™ users move fluidly across apps based on the breadth or precision of insight needed.

What are the data sources for EconoVue™?

The foundational core of EconoVue™’s business and employment data is the Dun & Bradstreet business database. We augment that business data with labor market resources and specialty data from State & Federal sources such as DOL, ETA, FEMA, SBA, and state workforce agencies, as well as jobs data from and For a more detailed discussion of the data behind EconoVue™, please contact us directly.

How detailed is the information on each business?

Because of the size and volume of data sources synthesized in EconoVue™, the standard level of business information is robust, including data on demographics, employment and industry, business health or risk indicators, corporate family data, diversity and geo-location info, and more. EconoVue™ also produces a number of standard reports for more detailed and content-specific views on individual businesses, such as our Business Disruption Report, Corporate Linkage Map, and Financial History Graph. EconoVue™ also provides a direct connection to Dun & Bradstreet, so users can extract a live D&B Comprehensive Report on businesses.

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