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EconoVue delivers intelligence and insight for workforce development and economic development professionals where traditional data sources fall short. Our intuitive data visualization platform combines map-based views with best-in-class business, workforce, industry and company financial health data. Our unique combination of data and analysis tools enables industry sector and trend analysis, business and workforce research, time-series data comparisons, and improves business outreach and engagement programs for public and private sector users.

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Targeted Business Outreach

Workforce Development

EconoVue accelerates business engagement by providing workforce boards with a comprehensive view of economic and industry trends in their regions and employment, salaries, and Business Failure Risk scores over time. Customizable search and filter abilities refine data results in real-time and quickly pinpoint companies for strategic workforce engagement for programs such as Rapid Response, Layoff Aversion, Targeted Business Outreach, and Strategic Planning. Today’s most successful workforce development agencies have evolved beyond traditional practices and strategies. Independently and in sync with the goals of WIOA, workforce boards need more: more data, more information, and more insight, especially about employers, industry health and trends, and an ability to predict the ebbs and flows of employer expansion and contraction before it occurs. This is why just relying on labor data falls short.

Workforce Development

Proactive Business Engagement

Economic Development

EconoVue accelerates proactive business outreach and engagement efforts aimed at key economic sectors with a nuanced NAICS cluster search, combined with business health, trend and forward-looking predictive indicators, and executive contact details on over 17 million U.S. business locations. Find, target, and connect with businesses of every size, including the backbone of America: those small companies that may benefit from economic programs the most and who make up more than 90% of the businesses in the country. The comprehensive business data platform built into EconoVue gives you access to business details about all businesses, including the hard-to-find information on the 1-10 employee companies.

Economic Development

Business and Employment Dynamics in Real Time

Transportation Planning

EconoVue provides quarterly updates of map-based, location-specific business information, enabling transportation planners to query, interrogate, view, and compare transportation-affecting geocoded data points from a business and employment perspective. Keeping pace with business change takes time for transportation planners. Industries are transforming, physical workplaces are shrinking, remote work has emerged as a new normal, and commuter work patterns are less predictable. New events such as COVID, natural disasters, and ecological factors like climate change emphasize the need for current and dynamic geo-based information on businesses, employment, industries, and locations by transportation planners trying to predict and prepare for “the next normal.”

Transportation Planning

High Quality Current Business Data:

The unique power of EconoVue is our ability to create, view, analyze, and present sector and labor market data and trends driven by “raw” business and employer information at the site level. For our business data EconoVue partners with Dun & Bradstreet®, the established leader in business decisioning data and analytical insights.

Labor Market Data:

EconoVue’s business data are supplemented by labor market resources, including:

  • QCEW historical salary time-series data, mapped to:
    • NAICS Code
    • County
    • Workforce Development Area
  • Occupational Data
  • Live Job Posting Data
  • Career One Stop Job Training Opportunity data

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