We Are EconoVue

At EconoVue™ we believe that at its core, any economy is rooted in people and place: An economy is simply composed of local businesses which occupy buildings along streets that provide services, products and employment to the residents of a community.

This philosophy is reflected in how we built our interface: we start with every single business in a region and place it on a map. Those businesses can be visualized as pinpoints, aggregated by regions, filtered by sector, size and health, and tracked across time. We provide the tools to make business data as accessible and “real” as possible. Better access to better data produces better insights, and better insight enables better government, policy and action for economic impact.

For over 20 years EconoVue™ has been delivering deep data, robust analyses and predictive insight to government agencies, workforce developers, economists, researchers, economic developers, transportation planners and outside consultants who need a better understanding of their employer and workforce picture – past, present and future.

Providing a singularly unique combination of data assets, delivered through our proprietary datavisualization, research and analysis platform, EconoVue™ unlocks a window into real-time data and information which takes agency strategic planning and program implementation to new heights of success.

Free Searches

Please help yourself to free searches and pdf reports. Both the “Interactive County Profile” and the “Local
Jobs, Occupations and Training Search” feature some of EconoVue’s underlying
algorithms and web services.

EconoVue Mission

Our mission is to support better government and program success with data. We do it by providing our clients the best available business and workforce information, through our intuitive intelligence platform. Putting real-time business, workforce, industry and risk information in the hands of front-line agencies makes them better, smarter, faster, and more able to effectively serve their communities.

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EconoVue™ is all about providing answers, information and insight. We solve problems through data, and we love a challenge, so hit us with your best shot. For more information about what we do, and what we can do for you, please contact us below and someone from our team will contact you.

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